Hybrid Cars Become Classic Cars

It is intriguing that a classic car is considered a car which is over 20 years old. Interestingly enough, they’ve been selling the Toyota previous now for 13 years. That means that in seven more years it will become a classic car. That sounds fascinating doesn’t it? After all, it is a hybrid car not a classic. In other words, it is a futuristic car with advanced systems with all the latest and greatest technologies. And yet it is quite old and approaching the “classic auto” age. Let’s talk about this for second shall we?

Rebuilding a car which is a classic has been a hobby for many automotive enthusiasts. The question is will people rebuild these old hybrid automobiles and keep them running long-term in order to show them off at car shows in the future? Well, they might, but keeping them all original might not be such a great idea. After all, the battery technology used in the original hybrid cars is not very good compared to today’s battery technology, and further, by the time they do become classics that technology will be literally obsolete.

A Toyota Prius has a battery system which needs to be replaced about every 20,000 miles or 5 to 6 years depending on how many miles it is driven and how much use it gets. Those original batteries aren’t really even available anymore ($7500 to replace), and although you can get them, why would you? The new battery systems are much better, as they last longer, charge up quicker, and don’t wear out so fast. Of course, when you have a classic car you need to keep it all original, but why would you in this case?

Another interesting point is that just because a car is old doesn’t make it a classic. It might be legally or as per the definition a classic, but no one really wants to buy one at an antique auto auction, nor does anyone wish to restore that particular model of automobile. Do you see that point as well? It is a decent and relevant question to ask if these hybrid cars will ever become classic automobiles in the way we think of today’s classic cars. My guess is that some models will such as the Tesla Roadster and other specialty hybrids will, but your typical hybrid car will not. Of course, that’s just a prediction and only time can tell.

Now then, I was at the Don Laughlin Automobile Museum and Laughlin Nevada, and there were hybrid automobiles from the 1940s through 1960s, and they were considered classics and on display. Rightfully so I might add, and yet, it seems so hard to imagine a Toyota Prius as a museum piece in the future – although certainly, that car does hold a place in automotive history, but; will it be respected in the future by classic automotive enthusiasts? I bet Toyota hopes it will, and perhaps there are those who have older Toyota Prius automobiles who were holding onto them for just that reason. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

How to Keep Your Classic Car

Automobiles which manufactured during 1960s to 1970s are considered as the classic vehicles. Due to its V8 engine, all these automotive are very powerful. The power generated by this engine makes this vehicle more efficient. In the whole world, it is in a high demand. Most classic automotive lovers prefer to visit classic car for sale. It provides numerous opportunities of get affordable deals.

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Muscle Cars

After years and years of hearing how muscle cars are out of here never to be seen again, I’m beginning to think that all these people that hate muscle cars are losing the battle. Back in the mid to late 1970’s I heard that gas prices would kill American muscle cars.

Then again in the 1980’s when the government got tough on emissions, and began to kill power that all cars had, yet still the muscle car had made it through the storm, maybe you just can’t kill American automotive history.

We had Ralph Nader telling us that cars were the cause of all of the pollution problems on our planet, when in actuality cars only encompass about 1% of the problem, and you can get less emissions and still have power. This entire thing is just people that don’t like cars.

American muscle cars are a part of our countries history, and you don’t just wipe out history. I see different agencies and companies that are restoring all kinds of houses that are considered historic landmarks, and people are stopping them from being torn down all the time.

What is the difference between this history, and our country’s automotive history, just explain that to me. You can’t because automotive history is just as important, and car lovers will always love classic cars and muscle cars and they will always restore them.

I love classic American cars and I have from the first time I ever seen one, and I will until the day I die. Of all the classic cars and the American muscle cars are my favourite of all times, if you want to know why, I’ll try to explain it to you.

Have you ever felt pure raw horsepower and torque, if not it feels kind of like getting pushed really hard, but at the same time your pinned to a seat, and you can’t move the car is so powerful that your immobilized in your seat, until you feel this you can’t know what I mean.

It’s a feeling of being the only one in a car just like yours. It’s respect for American ingenuity and know how, it’s the body lines of a classic American muscle car, it’s the feeling you get when your behind the wheel, it feels just like pure satisfaction that can’t be belittled by anybody.

It feels like you’re the king of your domain, it feels like driving a work of art, and it feels like your god, it the ultimate high that you can achieve driving a car, there is nothing else like it on the earth, muscle cars will always be here, and men will always love them.

Nothing else is quite the same as driving an American muscle car, and I’ll be here to stand up for them for a long time, every time I hear people blaming muscle cars for yet another atrocity, and telling people how much better the import companies build cars.

I’ll always come running to the defense of American cars, and yes that will always include muscle cars. Nobody builds a better car them we do, and nobody ever will, rather it’s a classic car, or a brand new car America will always build the best car period.

I’m American to the core, I believe in all things American, and that makes it my duty to defend American muscle cars. It’s not that hard when you love the thing that you defend, I love America and it’s cars, so if I have anything to say about it.

American 60’s “Muscle Cars”

Just mention the car racer’s name “Carroll Shelby” and the one word “Cobra” to any automobile enthusiast and you will get a smile. It’s as anyone who knows anything about cars and automobiles knows that “Shelby equals Cobra”. Carroll Shelby however has two other claims to automobile fame – being the “Tiger” and the Shelby GT350 as well as Shelby GT500 classic muscle car models. It can be held that the Shelbies are “the Muscle Cars” of the 1960’s.

The story really began with the A.C. Car Company’s AC Ace and Aceca models. These were small beautifully proportioned sport cars, the Ace being an open model, and the Aceca the closed coupe version. In the beginning they were powered by the company’s own 1926 designed six cylinder engine with overhead camshafts. It was not long before the demands of racing saw the AC engine replaced as an optional extra by the 105 barrel horsepower straight six cylinder unit. The AC was produced in small quantities in the famed Thames Ditton works , and at no time did anyone have any idea that this pleasant little car would become a fire breathing Muscle Car for the American market, and as well go on to form the basis for a world championship GT auto machine.

At that time the AC were quietly building the Ace and Aceca models, a Texan racing driver named Carroll Shelby was knocking on the doors of Detroit’s then “Big Three”, trying to get them to listen to his ideas about making an American super-fast automobile that could serve its owner as a street car Monday -Friday, then with very little work allow him to go racing on the weekend. Carroll’s ideas ran to a European or Japanese-made chassis equipped with an American small-block V-8 engine and transmission.

It seemed that the mighty General Motors were only interested in their own Corvette, which took up all of their development time and money, so they were not interested in listening to Shelby. Chrysler was not interested “sporty “cars at the time. In fact they were having enough trouble selling their own cars and other products at the time to be bothered with any new automotive products or any new car model or automotive lines specifications. Ford it seemed was vaguely stimulated but needed to be “sold” on the idea. Shelby had heard about the new Ford V-8 motor, the 221C! Small block motor, and saw in it the way to really get the ear and attention of the Ford Motor Company. Shelby pulled off the deal by what might be called “one of the oldest tricks in the book”. He told AC that he could interest Ford by using their chassis and he told Ford that he could interest their AC in using their V-8 engine. Most importantly he told both these tales at the same time. Both Ford and AC liked the sound of this idea.

AC next delivered to Shelby’s workshop an engineless AC Ace. In only eight hours Shelby and his fine crew had installed the Ford V-8 into it. It did run, but it was more than obvious to the sports car aficionados that there was more than a fair share of work to be done before it was a finished product ready to be shown to both principles and the auto shows and race tracks as well. Using the expertise and input of an experienced California based British racing /test driver effort and expertise were expounded on the project until the point that a polished product was coaxed along.

Finally the question is asked – where did the name “Cobra” comes from. Legend has it that Shelby Carroll kept a notepad at ready by his bedstead. Legend is that one morning Mr. Carroll awoke after a most deep and productive slumber with this mythical name on his lips ready to be written down on that very notepad. Whether this origin of the dream name of the classic American muscle car is true, or the automotive product name came as a result of years of expertise in the automotive and automotive racing community and marketing “brainstorming” is not clearly known. However what is more than true is that the Muscle Car trade name “Cobra” fit the image, speed and power of the car implying sleek acceleration , deadly acceleration, speed and more than outstanding good looks.