Muscle Cars

After years and years of hearing how muscle cars are out of here never to be seen again, I’m beginning to think that all these people that hate muscle cars are losing the battle. Back in the mid to late 1970’s I heard that gas prices would kill American muscle cars.

Then again in the 1980’s when the government got tough on emissions, and began to kill power that all cars had, yet still the muscle car had made it through the storm, maybe you just can’t kill American automotive history.

We had Ralph Nader telling us that cars were the cause of all of the pollution problems on our planet, when in actuality cars only encompass about 1% of the problem, and you can get less emissions and still have power. This entire thing is just people that don’t like cars.

American muscle cars are a part of our countries history, and you don’t just wipe out history. I see different agencies and companies that are restoring all kinds of houses that are considered historic landmarks, and people are stopping them from being torn down all the time.

What is the difference between this history, and our country’s automotive history, just explain that to me. You can’t because automotive history is just as important, and car lovers will always love classic cars and muscle cars and they will always restore them.

I love classic American cars and I have from the first time I ever seen one, and I will until the day I die. Of all the classic cars and the American muscle cars are my favourite of all times, if you want to know why, I’ll try to explain it to you.

Have you ever felt pure raw horsepower and torque, if not it feels kind of like getting pushed really hard, but at the same time your pinned to a seat, and you can’t move the car is so powerful that your immobilized in your seat, until you feel this you can’t know what I mean.

It’s a feeling of being the only one in a car just like yours. It’s respect for American ingenuity and know how, it’s the body lines of a classic American muscle car, it’s the feeling you get when your behind the wheel, it feels just like pure satisfaction that can’t be belittled by anybody.

It feels like you’re the king of your domain, it feels like driving a work of art, and it feels like your god, it the ultimate high that you can achieve driving a car, there is nothing else like it on the earth, muscle cars will always be here, and men will always love them.

Nothing else is quite the same as driving an American muscle car, and I’ll be here to stand up for them for a long time, every time I hear people blaming muscle cars for yet another atrocity, and telling people how much better the import companies build cars.

I’ll always come running to the defense of American cars, and yes that will always include muscle cars. Nobody builds a better car them we do, and nobody ever will, rather it’s a classic car, or a brand new car America will always build the best car period.

I’m American to the core, I believe in all things American, and that makes it my duty to defend American muscle cars. It’s not that hard when you love the thing that you defend, I love America and it’s cars, so if I have anything to say about it.